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Happy Hearts 6

Millcreek Spring 2014 Sweepstakes WINNERS!

JUNE 2014: Our lucky winners of our first Sweepstakes, Debbie and Joe Guiffre of Happy Hearts Farm, recently took delivery of their new Millcreek 27 SS stainless steel manure spreader. The Guiffres just finished building their new barn and are working on setting up their farm. Here’s what they have to say about the spreader: “The spreader is more amazing than we imagined. Please share Read More →

Millcreek Model 57 with PTO Drive and ribbed tires: 45 bushel capacity for up to 10 horses

PTO vs. Ground-Drive Manure Spreaders – What’s Best for You?

Many times when people are buying a Millcreek manure spreader, they aren’t sure if they want a ground-driven or PTO model.  Four of our spreaders are ground-drive operation only, including our most popular Model 27. Our big boys, the Models 97 and 127, are exclusively PTO. Our midsize 57 and 77 spreaders are offered with either PTO or ground drive. So how do you choose? Read More →