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Good quality horse hay is essential to your horse's diet!

Buy Right: Seven Signs of Good Quality Horse Hay

Ideally, mature horses should eat 1% of their weight in good quality horse hay every day – about 10 lb. Here’s what to look for when you’re sourcing this critical part of their ration! What makes a horse owner happier than starting winter with a barn full of hay? Getting the right hay is important, though: you want quality forage for your dollars spent and avoiding Read More →

Energize Pastures Now for Great Grazing!

How-To: Energize Pastures Now For Great Grazing!

Horses are designed to graze and good quality pasture boosts their health and nutrition. Here’s how to energize pastures on your farm with the right fertilizer and seed! Early Fall is prime time to overseed pastures. Warmer soil temperatures encourage germination and adequate moisture, less weed competition, and cool, desirable weather conditions give grass a good head start. Taking the time to energize pastures now pays off in Read More →

Winter Horse Health - 8 Mistakes to Avoid

Winter Horse Health – 8 Mistakes to Avoid

Ensure your horse stays well during the cold weather by using common sense and avoiding these winter horse health mistakes! Not keeping fresh water available at ALL times. Snow and ice are no substitute for clean, fresh drinking water, and proper hydration is critical for winter horse health and helping horses avoid impaction colic. Invest in (safe) heated water buckets or tank heaters if freezing over Read More →

Heat Index Chart from the National Weather Service (NOAA)

Is It Too Hot To Ride Your Horse?

SUMMER BRINGS more daylight and time for riding, along with high temps and humidity that can make you and your horse miserable. But do you know when it’s truly TOO hot to ride? Heat stress goes up to the scale to include cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If not treated properly, heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke, which is a serious life-threatening emergency. This Read More →

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt, for The Horse

Quick Tips – Winter Horse Care

The Horse magazine asked horse owners from across the country to share their best ideas, tips and tricks and suggestions for winter horse care, to help make horse and farm upkeep during cold weather a little easier. Here are some you might find useful! “In really icy weather I make paths from droppings and straw from stables to field. I also have old stair carpeting, double Read More →