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Energize Pastures Now for Great Grazing!

How-To: Energize Pastures Now For Great Grazing!

Horses are designed to graze and good quality pasture boosts their health and nutrition. Here’s how to energize pastures on your farm with the right fertilizer and seed! Early Fall is prime time to overseed pastures. Warmer soil temperatures encourage germination and adequate moisture, less weed competition, and cool, desirable weather conditions give grass a good head start. Taking the time to energize pastures now pays off in Read More →

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Seven Tips for Non-Toxic Fly Control on Horse Farms

Insect season is upon us! Are you ready? You know flies and other flying pests drive your horses crazy, and bug bites can spread disease and cause secondary infection. Are flies a big problem on your farm? Here are seven things you can do to reduce the insect population without resorting to the use of toxic chemicals. Get rid of the manure pile! Warm, moist Read More →

Millcreek Model 57 with PTO Drive and ribbed tires: 45 bushel capacity for up to 10 horses

PTO vs. Ground-Drive Manure Spreaders – What’s Best for You?

Many times when people are buying a Millcreek manure spreader, they aren’t sure if they want a ground-driven or PTO model.  Four of our spreaders are ground-drive operation only, including our most popular Model 27. Our big boys, the Models 97 and 127, are exclusively PTO. Our midsize 57 and 77 spreaders are offered with either PTO or ground drive. So how do you choose? Read More →

Winter spread

Winter Horse Manure Spreading

Have you wondered about using your Millcreek horse manure spreader when it’s really cold out? Sure you can! Just keep these things in mind:

Top-of-the-line Supreme models feature Rhino Lining® inside and out and stainless steel chains and beaters, for extremely long life!

Holiday Sale – Save $100 on Millcreek Horse Manure Spreaders

Horse owners can ring in the New Year with an easier, faster way to clean stalls while saving $100 on a new top-rated Millcreek horse manure spreader. Customers should call 800-311-1323 prior to Dec. 24, 2013 to receive the $100 discount. December 9, 2013 – Honey Brook, PA – Horse owners in search of a better way to clean stalls and manage manure can purchase Read More →