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Energize Pastures Now for Great Grazing!

How-To: Energize Pastures Now For Great Grazing!

Horses are designed to graze and good quality pasture boosts their health and nutrition. Here’s how to energize pastures on your farm with the right fertilizer and seed! Early Fall is prime time to overseed pastures. Warmer soil temperatures encourage germination and adequate moisture, less weed competition, and cool, desirable weather conditions give grass a good head start. Taking the time to energize pastures now pays off in Read More →


Get More Ride Time With a Millcreek Spreader!

Winter barn chores got you down? You’d like to be riding more but can’t find the time, and the manure is piling up along with the snow?  We’ve got the solution! A Millcreek spreader can be used even during the winter and will help you clean stalls faster and more easily, leaving you more time with your horses. Our spreaders are built tough to perform Read More →

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FAQS – Millcreek Horse Manure Spreaders

Why buy a horse manure spreader? The average horse produces 40-50 lbs. of manure daily. All that waste has to go somewhere, and it’s best if that’s not a messy, smelly manure pile! Manure piles are breeding grounds for flies and vermin, and the sight of one doesn’t do much for your property value. Composting manure takes up a lot of time and space. Not Read More →