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Why you should buy a manure spreader!

Having trouble with spreading your manure piles? You have come to the right place. If you are suffering with the following problems regarding manure, then you are probably already attempting to spread manure in some way.

Here are some reasons to consider spreading manure using manure spreaders:

  1. MESS:

First and foremost, the average horse produces between 40 and 50 lbs of manure each and every day. Therefore, it is easy to end up with huge, messy manure piles that smell horrible. A manure spreader will help you clean stalls in just half the time, giving you more time to enjoy your horses!


Not only do they look and smell terrible, manure piles are breeding grounds for flies and vermin. No one wants to deal with such a disgusting mess – just think about what that could for your property value!


Composting manure is another possible solution to excess manure, but unfortunately it takes up far too much time and space. Moving manure around is difficult and wheelbarrows are very heavy and awkward to lift. Proper manure application, with a manure spreader, will transform your soil; as the soil absorbs the manure, nutrients are released!

Spreading manure manually is laborious and taxing. Consider buying a manure spreader to make your life easier, improve your property value, and avoid vermin!

With a good manure spreader, it will be easier to transport it directly from your stalls to your fields and more effectively spread manure without all of the hassle.

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