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horses and snakes

Horses and Snakes, 5 Things You Should Know

Has your horse ever encountered a snake? Even though horses greatly outweigh those sly creatures, you should know which snakes pose a real threat, how your horse might react if he encounters one and what to do (and not do) if your horse gets bit! Here’s 5 things to understand about horses and snakes.   Whether you welcome those slithering serpents into your space or Read More →


Reconditioning Your Horse After Winter

Whether or not your horse put on extra pounds during the winter months, thoughtful consideration of a good reconditioning strategy is important to regain stamina and prevent injuries. Perhaps you have already started short walks and low-intensity exercises. It makes sense to start out slow and most horse owners know that. This guide will give additional physiological concepts to understand and monitor as you begin Read More →

Horse Farm Tax Prep

Horse Business Tax Prep – 2015 Updates

Tax preparation is NOBODY’S favorite thing, but here are some updates regarding horse business tax prep¬†that you should know about. The PATH Act of 2015 (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes) is different from previous tax-break extensions.¬† Instead of a retroactive 1-year extension, Congress set up standards that will allow business owners to have a better basis to make decisions by either extending long-term or making Read More →