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Riding Arena Maintenance

Fundamentals of Riding Arena Maintenance – Groom It Right!

Your riding arena is a big investment, so keeping it safe and comfortable for your horses is an important part of your farm routine. Read on for practical advice on riding arena maintenance and how the Millcreek Arena Spin Groomer can help! A well-maintained riding arena allows your horse to perform at his peak. The best riding surfaces offer your horse just enough cushion, good traction Read More →

Horse Barn Spring Cleaning Checklist - Millcreek Spreaders

Horse Barn Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has finally sprung – and it’s time to clean up the farm and barn! Here’s a handy Horse Barn Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you get started: Thoroughly sweep out your hay storage area. Loose hay, dirt, dust and chaff need to go, along with older hay you shouldn’t feed. It will help with the barn’s air quality, too! Tackle the tack room: check Read More →

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Millcreek Manure Spreader Maintenance

Millcreek manure spreaders are rugged, made of the best materials available and designed and built to last. They have the lowest maintenance needs of any compact spreader on the market. You should expect years of trouble-free operation, but here are a few things you can do to keep your Millcreek spreader running at its best: – Check for debris or small items in the spreader Read More →

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Quick Tips – Simple Ideas for Barn Organization

Since Spring is coming – yes, it really is! – it’s a good time to think about ways to better organize your barn.  Everyone at Millcreek is a horse owner, so we understand your time is valuable. Here are some simple, inexpensive do-it-yourself projects to help you get and keep things where you need them and out of the way. Barn organization doesn’t have to be Read More →

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FAQS – Millcreek Horse Manure Spreaders

Why buy a horse manure spreader? The average horse produces 40-50 lbs. of manure daily. All that waste has to go somewhere, and it’s best if that’s not a messy, smelly manure pile! Manure piles are breeding grounds for flies and vermin, and the sight of one doesn’t do much for your property value. Composting manure takes up a lot of time and space. Not Read More →