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Manure Spreader Sale

Why you should buy a manure spreader!

Having trouble with spreading your manure piles? You have come to the right place. If you are suffering with the following problems regarding manure, then you are probably already attempting to spread manure in some way. Here are some reasons to consider spreading manure using manure spreaders: MESS: First and foremost, the average horse produces between 40 and 50 lbs of manure each and every Read More →

Composting Horse Manure

How-To: 10 Tips for Composting Horse Manure

You know horses generate a lot of the world’s best natural fertilizer – but you’d rather compost it before spreading it on pastures, crops or gardens. Here are some important tips for composting horse manure, aka “What To Do With the Poo!” The goal of composting horse manure is to break it down into material that’s more beneficial to soil and plants and eliminate less desirable elements. Proper Read More →

Millcreek Spreaders Holiday Sale

Save During Millcreek Spreaders Holiday Sale!

Save up to $400 on the best barn helper during the Millcreek Spreaders Holiday Sale & spread good cheer this season! Now’s the time to buy a new compact manure spreader, to give to yourself or your favorite farm owner. The Millcreek Spreaders Holiday Sale runs now until Dec. 24 so act quickly! Order by Dec. 15 for Christmas delivery if you’d like your gift to be under Read More →

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Seven Tips for Non-Toxic Fly Control on Horse Farms

Insect season is upon us! Are you ready? You know flies and other flying pests drive your horses crazy, and bug bites can spread disease and cause secondary infection. Are flies a big problem on your farm? Here are seven things you can do to reduce the insect population without resorting to the use of toxic chemicals. Get rid of the manure pile! Warm, moist Read More →


Get More Ride Time With a Millcreek Spreader!

Winter barn chores got you down? You’d like to be riding more but can’t find the time, and the manure is piling up along with the snow?  We’ve got the solution! A Millcreek spreader can be used even during the winter and will help you clean stalls faster and more easily, leaving you more time with your horses. Our spreaders are built tough to perform Read More →

No more manure pile

Get Winter-Ready with a Millcreek Manure Spreader!

The clocks have changed, light is failing fast and YOU are dreading the cold and dark…. Your horses are bedded down and warm in their stalls, which means more mucking and manure. Wouldn’t you like to save time and energy that could be used instead for riding?  Have no fear, because Millcreek can help! A Millcreek manure spreader can be brought right to your stalls and Read More →


Millcreek Now Sponsoring Horse Radio Network!

Are you a fan of Horse Radio Network? If you’re not, you should be! This great podcast network features many terrific horse-related radio shows, including the award-winning “Horses in the Morning,” “Horse Tip Daily” and “Stable Scoop.” All of them are educational and entertaining, and we are proud to say that Millcreek is now a sponsor! To kick off our affiliation, a Millcreek rep was Read More →

That's right, SPREAD it!

Spreading Manure Equals Proper Management for Small Farms

We were very interested in this Michigan State University Extension article regarding proper manure management on small farms. The experts there agree that spreading manure is one of the BEST ways to deal with the 50 lb. per horse daily output. Did you know it was that much? If you don’t pick it out of stalls, how about this quote: “The annual stall waste from Read More →

stable fly

Manure Management for Fly Control

It’s that time of the year again… fly season. Horses in the barn can be plagued by stable and house flies, while those in the pasture may encounter horse flies and deer flies.  Do you know the best physical (as opposed to chemical) ways to control the fly population on your farm? Premise Pests: House and Stable Flies House flies are nonbiting insects that breed Read More →


Spring Pasture Management – Start Spreading Natural Manure Fertilizers

Now that the long, cold winter is finally drawing to a close, many farms and their fields and pastures will need some work. Maybe you’ve got a nice pile of composted manure you’re just itching to get rid of… or plenty being produced daily by your herd. No better way to do it, and use that natural fertilizer, than with a Millcreek spreader! Watch a Read More →

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