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Millcreek 2100 Spreader

Since 1986, Millcreek has been the industry leader in manufacturing high-quality spreaders, and the new 2100 spreader is the latest addition to our fleet. The 2100 is a wheel-driven (not PTO) spreader that is ideal for gardens, sports fields, yards, golf courses and parks.  It is able to handle compost, sand, and both pelletized and granular lime, and is capable of spreading both wet and Read More →

Millcreek Manure Spreaders

Designed to make your daily tasks easy

Millcreek spreaders are designed to make your daily tasks as easy and effortless as possible, while still delivering the quality performance that you expect from our products.  Our spreaders are designed to accommodate everyone from the small 1-2 horse farm all the way to professional horse breeders and farmers.  With that goal in mind, we have a range of products that can be pulled with Read More →

Manure Spreader Sale

Why you should buy a manure spreader!

Having trouble with spreading your manure piles? You have come to the right place. If you are suffering with the following problems regarding manure, then you are probably already attempting to spread manure in some way. Here are some reasons to consider spreading manure using manure spreaders: MESS: First and foremost, the average horse produces between 40 and 50 lbs of manure each and every Read More →

Manure Spreader Sale

Manure Spreader SALE – Save $150 on Millcreek!

You know a Millcreek spreader will save you time and energy – right now you’ll save money, too, during our manure spreader SALE! Fall is the perfect time to add fertilizer to your fields. Spreading manure adds valuable nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to nourish plants and improve soil. It’s really a win-win situation if you have horses because you’ll get rid of the manure pile, Read More →

Millcreek Manure Spreaders

How-To: Pick the Right Size Millcreek Manure Spreader

You’re ready to clean stalls faster and more easily, along with adding nature’s best fertilizer to your fields or farm – so you’re ready for a Millcreek manure spreader! But what size machine is right for your operation? “What size spreader do I need?” is one of the most common questions we hear from customers. “I wish I’d bought a smaller spreader!” is something we never Read More →

Riding Arena Maintenance

Fundamentals of Riding Arena Maintenance – Groom It Right!

Your riding arena is a big investment, so keeping it safe and comfortable for your horses is an important part of your farm routine. Read on for practical advice on riding arena maintenance and how the Millcreek Arena Spin Groomer can help! A well-maintained riding arena allows your horse to perform at his peak. The best riding surfaces offer your horse just enough cushion, good traction Read More →

Spreader in winter

Millcreek Spreader Reviews – Using a Spreader in the Winter

“Can I use my Millcreek Spreader in the winter?” We hear this question a lot! The answer is YES, you certainly can. As long as you don’t let the manure freeze solid in the spreader (which can damage the mechanism) you can can head right out and spread just like you do the rest of the year. But don’t just take our word for it Read More →


Get More Ride Time With a Millcreek Spreader!

Winter barn chores got you down? You’d like to be riding more but can’t find the time, and the manure is piling up along with the snow?  We’ve got the solution! A Millcreek spreader can be used even during the winter and will help you clean stalls faster and more easily, leaving you more time with your horses. Our spreaders are built tough to perform Read More →

Twitter Posting graphic

Win a Millcreek 27+ Traditional Manure Spreader!

It’s time for another Sweepstakes, and time for you to enter to WIN a new Millcreek 27+ Traditional compact horse manure spreader! The Sweepstakes contest is live now on the Millcreek Spreaders Facebook page, and continues until October 10, 2014. Just CLICK HERE TO ENTER! Be sure to Like our FB Page and Follow us on Twitter (@MillcreekSpread) for more fun and informative horsey information. The Millcreek 27+ Traditional spreader Read More →

Beaters close up

Millcreek Manure Spreader Maintenance

Millcreek manure spreaders are rugged, made of the best materials available and designed and built to last. They have the lowest maintenance needs of any compact spreader on the market. You should expect years of trouble-free operation, but here are a few things you can do to keep your Millcreek spreader running at its best: – Check for debris or small items in the spreader Read More →

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