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Choose the Right Fence For Your Farm

Deciding on the most appropriate fence for your farm can be tricky and costly! If your goal is to contain your horses and other farm animals, special considerations must be taken into account to ensure their safety. Your land terrain and budget play a critical role in the decision as well. Do you opt for wood or panel fencing? Is standard field wire fencing the Read More →

Energize Pastures Now for Great Grazing!

How-To: Energize Pastures Now For Great Grazing!

Horses are designed to graze and good quality pasture boosts their health and nutrition. Here’s how to energize pastures on your farm with the right fertilizer and seed! Early Fall is prime time to overseed pastures. Warmer soil temperatures encourage germination and adequate moisture, less weed competition, and cool, desirable weather conditions give grass a good head start. Taking the time to energize pastures now pays off in Read More →

That's right, SPREAD it!

Spreading Manure Equals Proper Management for Small Farms

We were very interested in this Michigan State University Extension article regarding proper manure management on small farms. The experts there agree that spreading manure is one of the BEST ways to deal with the 50 lb. per horse daily output. Did you know it was that much? If you don’t pick it out of stalls, how about this quote: “The annual stall waste from Read More →

stable fly

Manure Management for Fly Control

It’s that time of the year again… fly season. Horses in the barn can be plagued by stable and house flies, while those in the pasture may encounter horse flies and deer flies.  Do you know the best physical (as opposed to chemical) ways to control the fly population on your farm? Premise Pests: House and Stable Flies House flies are nonbiting insects that breed Read More →


Spring Pasture Management – Start Spreading Natural Manure Fertilizers

Now that the long, cold winter is finally drawing to a close, many farms and their fields and pastures will need some work. Maybe you’ve got a nice pile of composted manure you’re just itching to get rid of… or plenty being produced daily by your herd. No better way to do it, and use that natural fertilizer, than with a Millcreek spreader! Watch a Read More →

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt, for The Horse

Quick Tips – Winter Horse Care

The Horse magazine asked horse owners from across the country to share their best ideas, tips and tricks and suggestions for winter horse care, to help make horse and farm upkeep during cold weather a little easier. Here are some you might find useful! “In really icy weather I make paths from droppings and straw from stables to field. I also have old stair carpeting, double Read More →

Winter spread

Winter Horse Manure Spreading

Have you wondered about using your Millcreek horse manure spreader when it’s really cold out? Sure you can! Just keep these things in mind: