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Millcreek spreaders are designed to make your daily tasks as easy and effortless as possible, while still delivering the quality performance that you expect from our products.  Our spreaders are designed to accommodate everyone from the small 1-2 horse farm all the way to professional horse breeders and farmers.  With that goal in mind, we have a range of products that can be pulled with an ATV or lawn tractor, ensuring that you don’t need big, heavy equipment to utilize our spreaders.


ATV/Lawn tractor compatible:


  • 15: This “mini-but-mighty” spreader is the smallest unit currently on the market.  It is perfect for the small farmer, weighing in at just 200 pounds.  Constructed of galvanized steel, it has an 8.8 cubic foot capacity, and requires just 8hp to pull it.
  • 22: Just a bit larger than the 15, the 22 weighs 250 pounds and holds an impressive 16.2 cubic feet.  It requires 10hp to pull it, and is perfect for a 1-3 horse barn.
  • 27: Moving up the ladder, our Model 27 is part of our “Compact” line.  It weighs in at just over 400 pounds and requires just 12hp to pull it.  This 28 cubic foot spreader is idea for farms with up to four horses.
  • 37: This 470-pound workhorse holds up to 37.3 cubic feet, and is perfect for up to six horses.  It is at the top of our “Compact” line of spreaders, but still needs only 15hp to get the job done.


ATV/Compact tractor compatible:


  • 57: For the farm with up to 10 horses, our mid-size “57” model is perfect, with a 56 cubic foot capacity.  It requires 18hp/500cc to pull it, which is impressive when you consider that this is the same HP that our “37” model requires, but the “57” weighs almost 200 pounds more, tipping the scales at 660 pounds.  This is our largest model available that can be pulled with an ATV, and is available with either a Ground or PTO drive.


With five spreader models that are able to be pulled by an ATV or small tractor, we have once again earned our stripes as the best spreader manufacturer in the industry, and whether you are a small farmer with just a couple of animals or are a large, multi-horse operation, you can rest assured that Millcreek has exactly what you need to keep things running smoothly.

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