Manure Spreader Sale

Manure Spreader SALE – Save $150 on Millcreek!

You know a Millcreek spreader will save you time and energy – right now you’ll save money, too, during our manure spreader SALE!

Fall is the perfect time to add fertilizer to your fields. Spreading manure adds valuable nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to nourish plants and improve soil. It’s really a win-win situation if you have horses because you’ll get rid of the manure pile, too!

You can save $150 until Oct. 31, 2016 whether you’re interested in a Model 27+, which holds 28 cu. ft. of manure, all the way up to a Model 127, which holds 140 cu. ft. (that’s 24 wheelbarrow loads!). The Model 27+ is our original machine. We set out to build a compact spreader from the ground up that would be engineered like a big farm spreader, sturdy enough for long-term use and easy enough that a single person could operate it. We succeeded and after 31 years of constant innovation and improvements, our 5th-generation 27 manure spreader is the finest of its kind. In fact, it’s America’s favorite!


Our manure spreader sale discount applies to all Compact, Mid-Size and Full-Size models (Model 15 and 22 Mini-Spreaders are not included). It will automatically be applied when you check out online, or you can also give us a call at 800-311-1323 to place your order. Remember, FREE SHIPPING is always included. With six models to choose from, you’re sure to find the right spreader for your farm operation! Please watch this video if you need help deciding what size manure spreader is best. As always, if you have any questions we’ll be glad to help.

Horse-owning customers tell us, “We don’t know what we did without our Millcreek spreader. It’s made life SO much easier in the barn and we love not having to make countless trips the manure pile.” They notice fewer flies and improved pasture/fields as well. Our farm and garden spreader owners love the ease of use and maintenance of a Millcreek and how much faster they’re able to apply manure or compost to their crops.

Order a Millcreek today and save $150 during our manure spreader sale – you’ll be glad you did!

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