Millcreek Manure Spreaders Sale - Save $500 Now Until 12/31/16 on Model 77, 97 and 127 Spreaders

Manure Spreader Sale – Save $500 on Millcreek’s Largest Models!

Have a lot of land or a lot of horses? BIGGER IS BETTER when it comes to manure spreaders and right now you’ll save $500 on Model 77, 97 and 127 machines during our December Special Manure Spreader Sale! FREE SHIPPING included on all orders.

Farmers and horse owners know that a Millcreek manure spreader is the fastest, most efficient way to deal with manure management. “What size to buy” is a big decision, though:  we receive many questions from customers on this topic. Let’s just say that nobody ever tells us later, “I wish I’d bought a SMALLER spreader!” So sizing up is often a good idea. If you take advantage of our manure spreader sale, taking place now until 12/31/16, you’ll save $500!

Millcreek makes eight sizes of manure spreader to suit every farm and budget. The smallest, the Model 15, is geared towards those with 1-3 horses or a small amount of land. The biggest, our Model 127, holds a whopping 140 cu. ft. of manure – that’s 24 wheelbarrow loads! It’s built to take care of stables of 25+  horses or a whole lot of compost for your ag operation.

Millcreek Manure Spreader Sale - Models 77, 97 & 127

What do you gain by sizing up?

  • Greater efficiency: Loading a manure spreader just once instead of multiple times saves you time and energy.
  • Ease of operation: With the Model 77, you have a choice of ground-drive or PTO drive. Models 97 and 127 come with standard PTO. Regardless of which spreader you choose you’ll enjoy Millcreek’s exclusive zero-maintenance sealed bearings.
  • Fewer trips around the field or pasture: The more manure in one load, the less time you’ll spend distributing it.
  • Stockpiling: If you choose a bigger SS spreader, you’ll be able to stockpile the manure for several days with no worries about damaging the machine. No other manure spreader on the market offers that ability!
  • Upper beater: An additional beater is standard on Model 127 spreaders and available as an option for Models 77 and 97. Add one of these to achieve maximum spreading action and time savings.

For a great look at all the sizes and types of Millcreek manure spreaders, including those discounted $500 during our manure spreader sale, please watch this video.

So don’t delay – place your order today (SALE ENDS 12/31) and you’ll be spreading faster and more easily than ever before in the New Year! FREE SHIPPING is included on all orders so no surprises. Questions? Use our Online Chat or call us at 800-311-1323. We’re here to help!

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