Millcreek Spreaders: Built to Handle Hay and Straw

When Joe Glick set out to build a better spreader in 1985, he was redesigning a product that had remained essentially unchanged for more than three-quarters of a century.  Although early spreaders were an improvement over the “wagon and pitchfork” method that had been used for hundreds of years, they were still maintenance intensive.

A new kind of spreader.

 Joe made up his mind that he was going to build a tough, rugged spreader that was easy to use, reliable and designed to handle both hay and straw, with the needs of the small farmer in mind-whether there were two horses on the farm or two hundred.  Over the years, Millcreek spreaders have been engineered with the customer in mind, ensuring that when you choose Millcreek, you’re choosing the very best.

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