Millcreek Spreaders: Precision Engineered for Precision Handling.

Millcreek Manure SpreaderMillcreek spreaders are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, ensuring that you spend less time on chores and more time doing the things that you love.

Dolly Wheel Jack.

Many of our spreaders are equipped with a dolly wheel jack, which makes moving your spreader easy even when it’s full.  Equipped models include everything from the Compact 27 Deluxe model up through the heavy duty Precision spreader.  The dolly wheel jack makes them so easy to maneuver that you can take them all the way up to or even inside of your horse stalls.

What do they weigh?

 From the very beginning, our focus has been the needs and preferences of our customers.  Our precision engineered products are designed to be lighter and easier to maneuver so that you get the job done right every time.  Millcreek spreaders start at just 200 pounds for our Mini series 15, and go all the way up to 1440 pounds for our Full Size 127 line.  No matter what your needs are, Millcreek has a spreader that is guaranteed to meet them every time.


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