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For the past 30 years, Millcreek has been the industry leader in manufacturing manure spreaders.  Not only were we the very first company to make a spreader dedicated exclusively to the horse farming industry, but we’ve continually worked to improve our product so that you can be assured that what you have purchased is the very best product available on the market today.

Advantages of spreading

With the average horse producing 40-50 pounds of manure daily, it is vital to the health of your horses and their environment to keep it clean and free of manure piles, which are breeding grounds for flies and other vermin.  In addition, urine-soaked straw produces ammonia, which is harmful to the lungs of both horse and human if not properly cleaned.  Spreading manure over your pasture provides an excellent source of fertilizer that is rich in nutrients, and alleviates the problem of having to dispose of it in other, less effective ways.

Exclusive features 

  • Lower sides: Millcreek spreaders are designed for easy loading and unloading.  The flared sides and lower ground clearance ensure that your process will require less effort overall, and since your spreader can be pushed directly into the stall and is easy to maneuver, you’ll be finished with your chores much faster, leaving time for more important tasks.
  • Anti-wrap beaters: Our exclusive anti-wrap beater system is designed to handle straw and other debris without clumping or clogging.
  • Sealed bearings: Our bearings never need to be lubricated and will remain contaminant-free as long as the integrity of the bearing is not compromised.
  • Better-than-industry-standard warranty: Millcreek understands that it is not enough to simply manufacture the best product in the industry—it must be protected as well.  Our machines are covered by a two-year warranty on parts, a 10 year prorated warranty on our Rhino Lining Urethane coating and a lifetime warranty on our exclusive no-rust, no-rot polyurethane floor.  And our SS Super Spreaders also come with a lifetime warranty against body rust.

We realize that you have a choice when it comes to the equipment that you choose for your farming needs.  That’s why since 1985 it has been our mission to design and engineer the best products on the market, with the very highest levels of service and customer satisfaction.


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